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In our actions, we think about the generations that will come after us. We treat resources with care and take ecological, economic and social aspects into consideration. 

Siamo Swisstainable

Facciamo parte del programma di sostenibilità Swisstainable e siamo classificati al livello I – committed. Il programma di sostenibilità Swisstainable riunisce imprese e organizzazioni dell'intero settore turistico svizzero. Con la nostra partecipazione, ci impegniamo a uno sviluppo aziendale sostenibile continuo, a perseguire misure nel campo della sostenibilità e a dare così un contributo concreto al turismo svizzero sostenibile. Per saperne di più su Swisstainable

Food waste

Our kitchen team already pays attention to sensible portions during production as well as during serving. With the charming question for a supplement, we are of course happy to spoil our guests with a second plate. Renewable energy such as biogas is produced from our preparation- and food waste - and we are actively working to reduce the amount. KITRO's food waste management system, which registers every discarded item and uses artificial intelligence to identify and quantify it, helps us to do this.

Regional creation of value

Where do things we use every day come from? Christiania Mountain & Spa works with selected partners and producers from the region, thus also keeping supply chains as short as possible.

Our valued suppliers from close by with purely regional products include:

Meat from the Bayard butcher's shop in Zermatt

Honey from MB Vogel Prodotti naturali from Minusio, Ticino

Vegetables from Julen Toni in Zermatt

Fish from Etienne Comestibles, as well as Baasch Comestibles AG from Filet, Goms

In addition to the hotel terrace, we also lovingly tend our own garden, from which we harvest all the herb decorations for our dishes and drinks during the summer months.


We support important organisations and maintain personal partnerships with them. We are also a proud member of the CO2 compensation programme EnAW (Federal Office for the Environment) as well as Klik, which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Private Sauna

Our guests can reserve a small, cosy sauna to relax in. We heat this room exclusively with local wood. Thanks to the short transport routes and the support of sustainable forestry, we are contributing to the protection of the climate.